SplashThat Market Share Report, Sep 2020

Number of websites that use SplashThat

How many websites uses SplashThat? Of all the 8,990 sites that use Ticketing System, SplashThat is used by 37 sites, or 0.41% of all websites. Of all the different Ticketing System platforms, SplashThat's rank is #3 out of 3.

SplashThat Market Share

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About SplashThat

Splash is the comprehensive events management platform that maximizes impact - before, during, and after.

How did we calculate SplashThat's market share data?

PerfectLeads calculates the market share as the number of websites using SplashThat divided by the number of total companies in the Ticketing System category. We then round the market share values to the nearest hundredth.

Websites that use SplashThat

Sites in the top 100k on Alexa that use SplashThat