Lesson 4: Save Business Prospects

In Lesson 3, we learned how to explore ways in which you might be connected to each prospect. In this lesson, we’re going to learn how to save your business prospects for inclusion in your outbound sales process.

Save Prospects

Step 1: Identify prospects you plan to pursue next.

First, you’ll want to sort by the Last Export field so that you’re clear on which prospects have already been exported and ingested into your pipeline, versus new prospects which have never been exported from PerfectLeads.  The Added field is also helpful in identifying the newest prospects on your short-list. And as always, Alexa is present as a field you can use to sort and prioritize your prospects.


Step 2: Select and save to .csv or .xls

Use the checkbox next to each prospect to indicate those you’d like to include in your export. Checking the box in the table header row will select all prospects. Then click the Export button and select your preferred format – comma separated values or Microsoft Excel – to download a file with the prospect data.


It’s that simple. If you’re a Salesforce customer, in Lesson 5 we’ll show you how you can send prospects straight into to your Salesforce account. Or, if you use Zoho CRM, skip ahead to Lesson 6.



Lesson 1

Search for Business Prospects

Lesson 4

Save Business Prospects

Lesson 2

Research Business Prospects

Lesson 5

Send Prospects to Salesforce


Lesson 3

Prioritize Business Prospects

Lesson 6

Send Prospects to Zoho CRM



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